The world was poised to grow bigger. Instead, it got so much smaller.

The world is changing again. This week in Wisconsin the snow is almost gone in its entirety. The pavement sticks wet with the mushy remains of massive icy drifts and eddies that have dominated the tundra landscape for the prior two months. The smell of spring is in the air again.

This scene is not terrifically unlike what I saw near a year ago when I first returned to Wisconsin after almost four years of investing the majority of my time in jurisdictions elsewhere. A year ago today the National Basketball Association suspended its regular season, my home at Emory…

In a world such as ours, it’s no wonder that questions are being asked from all angles

When Amanda Gorman took to the steps of the United States Capitol Building on January 20th, I, like most, was astounded by her resplendent air. Her bright yellow peacoat flowing down from her dark visage, her braids bound with a bloodred hairband, I don’t believe it insincere to say that she was the most profound woman present at the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Yet, far be it from me, a straight White man, to base Gorman’s profundity simply on her appearance. What spilled from her lips that day was far more magical than all the rest combined. Reciting her…

Dr. Mehmet Oz has been routinely criticized for promoting false medical products. He was also close friends with the late trivia master Alex Trebek.

Though I’ve oft claimed to be an apt trivia connoisseur, I don’t know if I’ll ever quite be cut out for the rigors of Jeopardy!’s famed competition. The long-running game show was never quite a staple in my household growing up. When the time rolls around every evening, my family has tended to opt for the puzzle-based Wheel of Fortune or the ribald Family Feud over the cool, cerebral nature of Jeopardy! Probably just as well. I have near always been termed, fairly or not, the cerebral one in my family. My parents have long said that should any among…

I never thought I’d love fake splorts this much.

Over the last week I’ve been gripped by an intractably riveting sporting event, one that has featured great feats of strength and endurance, that has pitted resplendent heroes against cursed villains, and that has held the balance of death and life itself in its contestation. No, this is not the impassioned throes of college basketball and the upcoming March Madness tournament. Nor is this even the much more niche yet still enthralling clutches of the annual Iditarod dogsled race, which concluded yesterday when Dallas Seavey captured his record-tying fifth championship.

No, the sporting event I speak of is much more…

While the NFL MVP hasn’t won the Super Bowl in over two decades, this hex isn’t all that meets the eye.

While Tom Brady was busy tossing football-shaped paraphernalia and giving himself a reason to get shit-faced the Sunday before last, I was busy drinking my troubles away and counting my hometown team’s misfortunes at the hands of a particularly malicious NFL jinx.

When Aaron Rodgers was presented with the NFL MVP award on the eve of the Super Bowl it became a guarantee that for the 21st consecutive season the winner of said award would not also become that season’s champion.

That’s because thanks to a ferocious Tampa Bay pass rush and some bad breaks, the Green Bay Packers were…

A reflection on the way I move through life.

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about myself and the impact that I leave on the world around me.

From people to places to the very ideas that pop in and out of our heads, I’ve been compelled as of late to consider the lingering moments we leave behind with every word and every touch.

Perhaps that’s corny sap, but I’ve also seen it in action. This summer I taught a course about journalism, sharing with middle and high school students the importance of a robust and precise news media in maintaining those people, places, and ideas. …

The American version of the classic Scottish dish has been bereft the crucial ingredient of sheep lungs since 1971.

I still remember the day. It was an ungodly hour, though some may say otherwise. At something like 6 AM I was being asked to clamor out of bed and make myself presentable enough for an hourlong drive to one of Georgia’s most popular (and controversial) state attractions. Bone-tired though I was, I managed to stitch myself together and catch a lift to Stone Mountain to volunteer at the annual Highland games put on by a gathering of a number of north Georgia’s Scottish heritage societies.

Knowing little about Scotland aside from kilts and bagpipes, my bleary-eyed self eventually found…

For more than 10 years Wisconsin sports have languished just shy of ultimate victory. This year could finally be different.

Time has taken on a profound new meaning in the pandemic, I think we would all agree. I’ve been pondering time quite a lot, its passage, how it trickles or how it rushes.

A decade is a long time. A decade is nearly half of the entire time that I’ve walked on this planet. Add a year to that decade to make it a nice ripe 11, and you have exactly half the time I’ve been strutting about.

It’s this odd, incongruent number I come to now as the Green Bay Packers ready themselves to face a formidable foe this…

From a riot to an outright coup, our language shows us to be just as divided as our ideas do.

As a writer, I am intimately familiar with the idea that words matter. If they didn’t, the world would not only be a dimmer place but I’d also be sorely out of a job (not that the “job” at hand does the utmost singularly to keep food in my mouth). …

The writing was on the wall. We must ensure it never happens again.

On the evening of January 3rd, I sat down to pen a letter to Senator Mitt Romney of Utah. Just that evening I had learned of a discrete set of plans by members of his caucus, the Republican caucus, to object to the certification of the Electoral College vote which had occurred on December 14th.

I had known that some of Romney’s fellow senators and representatives might take umbrage with what they unduly see as a rigged process (Sen. Tommy Tuberville had been among the first to make such declarations) but I was frankly shocked by the numbers that the…

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